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2019_06_15_Come participate in our Talent Show Kickfaktor.

The event is organized by the Oberursel schools’ student council together with the city’s youth office. The talent show takes place on the Saturday of Brunnenfest, 15 June from 1700-19:00 on the Marktplatz. You can perform either alone or in a group – music, dance, you name it. In the past, we’ve had students speak words backwards, turn the magic cube and “sew” clothing with a stapler, but also show off their hip hop and breakdance skills.  You decide what you want to show the audience: sports, mental prowess or other skills and abilities. The performance doesn’t have to be long – five minutes is fine.

We already have some great talent signed up: the duos Nathalie Kreuzer and Lea Lewalter, and Krissi and Amy, as well as the Michael Jackson imitator Timm Köhl, and singer and guitar player Ian Hrubik. The event is run by high school students who also act as MCs. They introduce every performer with a personal anecdote and do their best to make everyone feel at home on the stage – even those who may be performing for the first time.

All you have to do is register with the Youth Office by mail jugendbuerooberursel.de  or telephone 06171 628714.